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Showy Northwest native. The available Currant plants are Black, Red, Pink and White. Shop 1200+ varieties from our USDA certified organic nursery. The multiple branches of these small bushes produce a multitude of flowers that develop into small red berries. Currants are available in many colors, and have many uses. Here, we sell top-quality nursery products—plants and trees for professionals, growers, and homeowners. Also called 'Clove Currant'. Log … 20 Red Wax Currant Edible Fruit Berries Pink Flowers Shrub Ribes Cereum Seeds. Planting & Care for Deciduous Shrub – Currant. 1224-Black Currant Berry Bush (Ribes rubrum) Seeds by Robsrareandgiantseeds UPC0764425789079 Non-GMO,Organic,USA Grower,Bonsai,Fruit,Rapid-Growing,Wine,Jam,Perennial,1224 Package 15 Seeds. Currant bushes are very easy to grow and, once planted, are usually quite happy being left to their own devices. Makes delicious jelly. 3.1 out of 5 stars 10. Buying Options for Plants. They are closely related to the European Red Currant, commonly cultivated for their edible berries in Europe. 1224-Black Currant Berry Bush (Ribes rubrum) Seeds by Robsrareandgiantseeds UPC0764425789079 Non-GMO,Organic,USA Grower,Bonsai,Fruit,Rapid-Growing,Wine,Jam,Perennial,1224 Package 15 Seeds. Large late ripening red fruits in abundance, excellent fruit quality. This property was built in 2000 and … Ribes bracteosum is commonly called Stink Currant with good reason. Breeding Program. Plants are vigorous and hardy. One of the earliest hummingbird nectar plants. Early ripening of juicy, flavorful fruit. They grow into a bush similar to currants, but are juicier and have thinner skins and smaller seeds with an explosive wonderful flavor! for clusters of black berries. About MBC. Red Currant Plants for sale online at James McIntyre & Sons. 2.5" - 3" wide/deep in a peat "plug", which transplants very nicely. Log In Home Contact Us Delivery & Returns. Currant bushes (Ribes) are thornless understory shrubs, growing in USDA hardiness zones 3-8.They can grow 3-6 feet wide and tall, and can range in color from red, white, pink, or black. Clusters of fragrant, bright yellow flowers in spring followed by sweet and juicy, large black berries. Browse our other soft fruit here.. All the plants in this section have a Year Guarantee, with free delivery on orders over £60, or £100 for pot grown plants. The Crandall black currant is the most ornamental and sweetest of all currant varieties. Native to the Great Plains. We've been sharing our passion for edible plants and organic gardening since 1994. Log In Track my Order 0118 903 5210 . Buy Currants & Gooseberries from Indiana Berry online. Currants … $3.35 shipping. Currants come in a range of colors like black, red, white, pink and yellow, depending on the variety, and they can all be used fresh or in jams, juices, syrups, preserves, and baking. Plant Sizes. Warranty, Cancellation & Pricing Policies. Shipping is limited to the United States only. We are a family owned and operated nursery in Portland Oregon. Poulsbo Scarlet Currant grows to be a 5-10 ft. reliable shrub. Makes delicious jelly. $9.50 / plant for 1-9 plants $9.03 / plant 10 or more plants Your Basket. Clusters of red currants ripen in July, which can be used in jams, jellies and pies. $3.35 shipping. They freeze well, too, so you can get the most out of your bumper crop year after year. Large fruit of good quality. Wide selection of varieties all producing delicious fruit available for a fast dispatch! Large, sweet black fruits, on a vigorous, productive bush. We ship our seeds & plants to all 50 states. They hold four times more vitamin C than oranges, have the best antioxidant polyphenols (anthocyanin’s) that are beneficial in maintaining cardiovascular health, ageing, and healthy vision. 98. Often used … Shop online and get them delivered direct to your doorstep. Buy Black Currants. Unique Products. OF AGRICULTURE. Industry Leadership. All Ribes varieties listed below typically grow 3-6' tall. A favorite fruit … Very hardy & disease resistant. Currant Plants from Stark Bro's - Currant Plants For … The red, pink, black, and white currants belong to four European species. We are formerly known as Rolling River Nursery. Currant (S) (ribes species) The flowers of Crandall black currant bushes are golden yellow, have a long tubular form usually tipped with red, and emit a spicy clove fragrance. Elk River Currant is a west coast native. Fruit Trees > Berries Vines and Climbers > Berry Fruits > Currant - Black These bushes produce masses of berries, high in Vitamin C. Ideal fruit for making jams, juice and even liqueur. Edible Uses. If you’re planting in spring, water more regularly during the first months, because your shrub will need more water to develop its roots over the summer months.. To make a hedge, keep a distance of around 3 feet (1 meter) between plants… A favorite fruit for many people around the world, most of us Americans have not had the opportunity to taste these delicious berries. Preparation. Zone 3 - 9. White currant that is a medium sized, beautiful, sweet fruit on a compact bush. Our plants … Enjoy fruit fresh or use … Of Dutch origin, Rovada Red Currant is the main commercially grown European variety. Remember to cut back on older branches to ensure new growth for years to come. Popular varieties available include Jonkheer Van Tet, Rovada, Redstart & Rosetta COVID-19 UPDATE: Our webshop is still open for business and we continue to operate whilst closely